Rspamd normal worker

Rspamd normal worker is intended to scan messages for spam. It has the following configuration options available:

  • mime: turn to false if you want to scan non-mime messages (e.g. forum comments or SMS), default: true
  • allow_learn: turn to true if you want to learn messages using this worker (usually you should use controller worker), default: false
  • timeout: input/output timeout, default: 1min
  • task_timeout: maximum time to process a single task, default: 8s
  • max_tasks: maximum count of tasks processes simultaneously, default: 0 - no limit
  • keypair: encryption keypair

Encryption support

To generate a keypair for the scanner you could use:

rspamadm keypair -u

After that keypair should appear as following:

keypair {
    pubkey = "tm8zjw3ougwj1qjpyweugqhuyg4576ctg6p7mbrhma6ytjewp4ry";
    privkey = "ykkrfqbyk34i1ewdmn81ttcco1eaxoqgih38duib1e7b89h9xn3y";

You can use its public part thereafter when scanning messages as following:

rspamc --key tm8zjw3ougwj1qjpyweugqhuyg4576ctg6p7mbrhma6ytjewp4ry <file>